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  1. Comming up next


    Coming soon to THE theatre near you!


    THAT OLD BAT MAGIC – The Bats 50th anniversary concert.

    10th and 11th April.  Seriaaas!


    Cat Sings Ella

    Cat Simoni sings Ella Fitzgerald – 17/18 April


    Watch this space……..



  2. That Old Bat Magic

    That Old Bat Magic


    50 YEARS ON…

    Hexagon Theatre UKZN Pmb

    Friday 10th April at 7.30pm

    Sat 11th April at 6.00pm

    Tickets R100

    Bookings open at Computicket on Mon 30th March

    Bats Poster

    Eddie Eckstein says, ”People often ask ‘When will you pack it in?’ As long as the fans continue to support us laughing, applauding and singing along and enjoying the moment we will continue....and as long as we keep enjoying it ourselves”


    Come and relax and forget about the petrol price and Julius Malema and Zuma and........

    South Africa can boast many achievements over the last few years, and one has to be the return of a band that, exactly 50 years after its inception, is back on the road and still pulling in the crowds. Yes The Bats are well and truly back with their 50th Anniversary show, THAT OLD BAT MAGIC.

    It all started in 1965 when The Bats, Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield, the late Jimmy Dunning and the late Barry Jarman, burst onto the local scene and became, to many ardent followers, South Africa’s answer to the Beatles. They toured extensively, both locally and internationally, wowing audiences here and in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and Germany with their brilliant music and hilarious comedy show. More than just great musicians, they were also great entertainers, and it was this that kept them at the top of their game for 16 years, an amazing achievement for any band.

    In 2000,Eddie, Paul & Pete, minus the late Barry who had decided to retire, were joined by Derek Gordon and got back on the road for what they thought would be a short ‘come back’. Little did they know that 15 years later they would still be on the road, delighting audiences young and old. They have included the old favourite songs they have performed over the years. Let’s celebrate The Bats, a great South African product! Who would not be proudly South African hearing this!!

    Being one of South Africa’s longest running products, with unlimited mileage, The Bats are back to pay tribute to South Africa, it’s music, their music and the entertainment it’s given them through the years…….long years. So these four vintage classics bring to you the murst amazing shurw that is cool, kiff, and just plain lekker…..seriaas! They fly the rainbow flag.



  3. Cat sings Ella!

    Cat Sings Ella!

    The Story of Ella Fitzgerald, as told by London’s Jazz Cat!

    Hexagon Dive, UKZN, Pmb

    Cat sings Ella PosterFri 17th and Sat 18th April

    7.00 for 7.30pm (Doors open at 6.45pm)

    Picnic evenings: bring your own food, but no drinks. There is a cash bar.

    Tickets R100pp (Tables seat 10)

    To book, email


    A stage and a Steinway is all Cat Simoni needs to tell the astonishing life story of Ella Fitzgerald, ‘First Lady of Song’.

    Cat’s years entertaining the international crème de la crème at the Bechsteins and Steinways of London’s five star hotels and exclusive clubs with her gorgeous voice and extraordinary piano virtuosity have been the perfect background for Cat Sings Ella!


    In Cat Sings Ella!, Cat rides the exhilarating rollercoaster of Ella’s repertoire; from the early Harlem years through the Decca and Verve recordings; from the breakthrough ‘A-Tisket, A-Tasket’ to her Cole Porter and Duke Ellington Songbooks and legendary London, Rome and Berlin concerts.

    Cat Sings Ella! is an oxygen-rush of bouncing melody; a musical theatre experience of pure pleasure to stir ‘Body and Soul’ and make the heart sing and go bebop with joy!

    As Ira Gershwin once said: “I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them.”


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